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​"I feel compelled to let you know the kind of treatment and service you can get from a professionally run office such as The Athlete Stop. To call the people who work in the front office, STAFF, is an understatement. They are an extension of Dr. Chase. I have never had such time and care taken in any chiropractic office before. Dr. Chase listens to what you are saying, goes right to the source of your pain, spends time working on each issue, will explain the technique being given, has more knowledge than I have ever experienced in reference to the workings of the human body, and I could go on and on. I have seen him for headaches, knee and hip issues, and a sprained rotator cuff. The office will work with you to get you in at a time that is convenient for you. If you are in need of a highly qualified doctor, I highly suggest Dr. Chase!"
- Cindy, Athlete
"I came to The Athlete Stop having had severe headaches for about two years.  My Neurologist tried absolutely everything. From MRI's to acupuncture, and even a couple rounds of Botox; there was no relief and no answers for what was causing the pain that caused me to extensively miss school, and have to cut back immensely on the time I spent playing tennis as well as hanging out with friends.  I had a very small appetite and slept a lot from the medication I was on.  My mom's friend suggested we come here and give The Athlete Stop a try.  Rather reluctantly, I came to my first appointment with Dr. Chase and he diagnosed me that same day.  I had X-rays done the day after which showed he was correct in thinking that my neck lacked a curve in it from a traumatic fall I took years ago.  I went into Dr. Chase's office 3 times a week and my headaches drastically improved within a month.  My grades are improving and so is my tennis game.  I am improving every day and have not felt so good in years!"
                                                                                                      - Katherine, Tennis Player
"Dr. Chase has been a great asset to the MET dance and has helped out so many dancers including myself. He is intelligent, caring and ready to get you back on the stage or in the studio when you are injured. The Athlete Stop and Dr. Chase has been wonderful to the MET. We are excited to have him at our facility on a weekly basis!"
                                      - Marlana, MET Dance 
"I love the staff at The Athlete Stop. They always take care of me with professional techniques. Friendly and quick service." 
- Jason, Collegiate Athlete
"Dr. Chase has become a major instrument to MET Dance! As the company continues to strive towards gaining health insurance for the dancers, Dr. Chase provides low-cost visits as well as amazing results. I've been going to Dr. Chase for a few years now and it's amazing how he has become a part of the met dance family. He attends shows, maintains open and regular communication with the company members who visit him and provides a wonderful service for any injuries that requires attention and most likely cost a fortune to get checked out. Additionally, he is very laid back and eager to learn more about connecting his understanding of the body to our understanding of dance movements. Whether it's a simple adjustment to tight hips and hamstrings, to referrals for an MRI, he's the man to go to!"
- Terrill, MET Dance
"I injured my back/hip 6 years ago running a marathon. Since then I was unable to run without pain afterward. After 2 months at The Athlete Stop, I am running a mile pain free! And I'm pushing my double stroller! Thank you!"          
                                                                                                         - Jennifer, Runner
"I started seeing Dr. Chase for a herniated disk around Christmas time. By the end of February, I ran 15 miles during a marathon in Napa and felt strong! Thanks, Dr. Chase, Pearly, and Meghan for the rehab 
Jonathan, Runner/ Triathlete -                                                             


"I have experienced lower back pain since I was 16 due to playing many sports including volleyball. I had difficulty healing and tried many treatment options. I started coming to Dr. Chase in August of 2016 and immediately began treatments and PT until I was pain free. I did PT, strengthening, deep tissue, etc. Dr. Chase and his team took the time to make sure I was getting the treatment that I needed and continue toward a healing process!"

                                                                                                             - Shannon, Volleyball Player

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