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5 tips for staying healthy on Super Bowl Sunday:

Instead of feeling guilty by halftime, take a pass on bad foods and run a touchdown for health this Super Bowl Sunday.

  1. Eat before: Worried about getting stuck with the only option of hot dogs and fried chicken wings? Eat a meal before heading to your party to fend off temptation. Then, if you see something you want to try, go ahead and have a bite!

  2. Make your chips veggies: Can't resist that dip? Go for it, but trade your chips in for raw vegetables. Dip tomatoes in guacamole, carrots in salsa, and celery in spinach-artichoke dip.

  3. Drinking? Make a spritzer: Fill your glass ½ up with your alcoholic beverage of choice and fill the rest up with sparking water.

  4. Bring an activity: Instead of bringing food, bring a game to your Super Bowl party. Set up a bet, orchestrate a game during the commercial breaks, or brainstorm an activity. Change your focus from food to activity.

  5. Bring appetizers: When you bring your own food to the party, you don’t have to worry about hidden ingredients or unknown calories. Show up with healthy appetizers instead!


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